Join us for an evening of playful connection!

Wednesday, June 24th, 2020

7-9pm EDT - Online

Are you longing to create space for more lightness and laughter in your life right now?

This Authentic Relating event has been specifically crafted for us to explore the fun and playful sides of ourselves (perhaps the ones that don't come out as often as we'd like).

We’ll create a safe and structured space in which we will guide you through a series of interactive and lighthearted games and activities designed to access the part of us that is craving time to be silly, goofy, and playful!

Your are all invited to participate to the degree that you feel comfortable.

Log in solo, but feel warmly welcome to invite your friends and loved ones and discover how delightful it can be to share virtual space and conscious playful connection with other awesome humans. We look forward to sharing this practice with all of you!

Event has started - Join us next time!

Please note, all donation registrations are final.

Let's Be Playful

Online Authentic Relating Event  - 6/24/20

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