Re-ignite your love!

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We welcome couples of all ages, genders, orientations, ethnicities, etc.

Upcoming Events:

Saturday, Jan 23rd

6:30-8:30pm ET

(check your time zone)

No Tix Available

Saturday, Jan 23rd

9:00-11:00pm ET

(check your time zone)

No Tix Available

Come experience a recharge in your relationship with some intentional connection!


During this challenging time, many of us have an increased amount of stress in our lives. And that's on top of the already existing day-to-day stressors.


The way we show up in our relationship can dramatically be so impacted by carrying this much tension in ourselves.


What can help?



Put the kids to bed, the dogs in their crate, and choose this time to rejuvenate the connection between you and your partner.


Make the choice to prioritize your relationship for these 2 nourishing hours. It's a perfect "date night" for you and your squeeze.


What to expect:

This will be a one-way transmission. Your cameras stay off and you remain focused on one another. 


I'll guide you and your partner through a series of activities that are designed to make connecting with one another easy. Each workshop is a unique experience made up of a different selection of activities.

Investment: $50 per couple

Please note: all registrations are final.

Connection Cards for Couples

Rekindle the connection with your partner with this fun and easy game. This deck of 49 connection cards were designed specifically for romantic couples who are interested in deepening their relationship.

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Authentic Relating

for couples