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A Free Intentional Connection Workshop


Do you want more meaningful connections in your life?

It's no exaggeration, heart-felt connection is good for your health. And yet, we're not often taught how to relate to others in a deep and meaningful way. So much of what we see around us is small talk and surface-level interactions.

If you find yourself wondering if there's more available I'm here to tell you: there is!


Join us for this interactive workshop where you'll be introduced to a concept that will help you foster more meaningful connections in your life.


You'll also have the opportunity to meet & connect with new friends - right at the workshop by being guided through a simple connection activity!


Come learn some new skills, gain a new perspective, and meet some new friends

at this 75-minute free workshop.

Wed, July 12th

7:30pm ET

Please arrive on time, we will start promptly.

Approximately 75 min.


About the Facilitator

Rachel Whitworth considers herself a “connection catalyst”. That is, she has devoted her life to bringing people together and teaching them how to co-create more meaningful connection.

She regularly leads a number of connection workshops and classes in the Philadelphia area for making new friends, dating, as well as opportunities to explore deeper platonic connections.

She received her Authentic Leadership training by The Connection Movement (NYC). She is also certified in The Relational Inquiry Method by The Connection Institute (Boston) and a Certified Mediator by the Living Peace Institute (Philadelphia).

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