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Hugs at the ready

Have you ever needed a hug when no one was around to give you one? (or at least no one you wanted a hug from) 😬

That was me this morning…

I’ve been processing a lot of grief lately and this morning I was knee-deep in my pain and really feeling my loneliness and desire for connection.

Then I remembered something that I recently learned: holding your hand on your own heart for several minutes can actually release the SAME brain chemicals as receiving a hug. I wasn’t surprised when I learned this, since I’ve used this tool before to self-soothe.

So this morning through my tears, I placed one hand in the center of my chest and took it one step further by placing the other hand in the center of my belly at the base of my rib cage. And I just sat with myself - allowing whatever feelings that emerged.

After several minutes, I realized I was feeling a lot of relief from my strong emotions. I felt more easeful, less charged, and more comforted.

I wanted to share this tool as a way for you to get some self-connection when connection with others isn’t available. When possible, I recommend direct skin-on-skin contact.

Enjoy and let me know how it goes!




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