Providing opportunities for more meaningful human connection in the Philadelphia area.

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Skip the small talk and dive into meaningful human connection with Authentic Relating.


What is Authentic Relating (AR)?

AR is a collection of guided activities designed for us to develop a deeper connection with & greater understanding of one another.


We have skillfully crafted this event to invite you to:

  • Challenge your social patterns
  • Explore new ways of being with one another
  • Co-Create meaningful interactions
  • Be Reminded of our fundamental similarity: being human



Warning! Side effects of practicing Authentic Relating may include:

  • Increased Empathy
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Heightened Self Awareness
  • Listening Skills
  • Piqued Curiosity
  • Greater Joy
  • Playfulness


Attendees have said...

"[Authentic relating] is a great way to replace the very superficial rhythm of everyday life with something far more fulfilling and genuine."

"[We] found ourselves surprised & richly rewarded for attending."

Everyone is invited to participate to the degree that you feel comfortable. We create a safe space by following some agreements that foster confidentiality, respecting boundaries, and more.


**Note: Please arrive by 12:45pm, the event will begin promptly at 1pm after which point, entry cannot be guaranteed. **

An Afternoon of Authentic Relating (extended session!)