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Are you ready to explore the unspoken?

Lately, I've been thinking a lot about the many relationships and friendships I've had over the course of my life. The people who have come and gone... the people I have known all my life. Some folks making big waves... some barely a ripple.

In most cases, when I take time to reflect on what each person represented in my life, I often notice a yearning to express something I never had.  Things I wished I had said, apologies I'd like to make, questions I'd like to ask, reflections, appreciations, etc., etc.

Things that if I had them in front of me, and knew they were present enough... open enough.... and safe enough to speak my truth to, I would share.

It feels like there are things in me left to process and I'd like to do that.

Is this something you resonate with at all?  If so, I'd love to have you join me on a journey of self-reflection.

I'm creating a space, in community, to explore our relationships with those in our lives (past, present, dead, and, alive).

The program is called "100 Letters". And here's how it will work.

We will meet virtually every week. Together, we will create a list of people from our lives (we will keep the lists private). Every week we will select a person from our list (at random) and take some time to write that person an unfiltered, uncensored letter.

Note: Sending the letters is not expected or required! (though it's certainly an option if you'd like to!)

Before we wrap up each call, we'll connect as a community about the experience. Share what we care to and be witnessed.

The intent of these calls is to get in touch with what's still alive for you in regard to this person/relationship. Perhaps reflect on why there is still more to say and maybe why it hasn't been said yet. Reflect on what you've learned and how you've grown since this person was (or has been) in your life.

Relationships are growth machines. So, let's take this opportunity to harvest more growth from the ones we already have (and have had).

"100 Letters" will have no homework. The calls themselves will contain the time to create your list, write the letters, and connect with the community.

The program is by donation. There is no obligation to write a certain number of letters or to stay signed up for any length of time.


Come to connect with the community, practice self-growth, and spend some time reflecting.

Ongoing Call Schedule:

Alternating Sundays 7pm ET

(see your time zone)

Alternating Wednesdays 7pm ET

(see your time zone)


Calls are approximately 75 min & will be recorded for those in our group who miss any sessions.


About the Facilitator

Rachel Whitworth considers herself a “connection catalyst”. That is, she has devoted her life to bringing people together and teaching them how to co-create more meaningful connection.

She regularly leads a number of connection workshops and classes in the Philadelphia area for making new friends, dating, as well as opportunities to explore deeper platonic connections.

She received her Authentic Leadership training by The Connection Movement (NYC). She is also certified in The Relational Inquiry Method by The Connection Institute (Boston) and a Certified Mediator by the Living Peace Institute (Philadelphia).

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