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All Hands In

"I loved the event! What I like best was being able to be with like-minded people, with having almost the same struggles as well as positive energy in a safe, judgment-free place. These are all walks of life where people come together. Nothing I can think of that is bad. My experience was Peace + Respect = Positive Energy."


"It felt great to share reality amongst a group of strangers who all wanted deeper connections. The environment makes it easy to talk about the real stuff and how you're feeling."


"It was a really fun night. I'm definitely in for the next!"

--Matt K.

"What a lovely evening! It felt like there were a lot of interesting people in the room and the facilitator was great."


"I really enjoyed the event. I'd never tried anything like that and I'm glad I went!"


"The event was a lot of fun and I would definitely like to attend another one soon!"


"This was so fun, heartwarming, connection tank filling and conscious relating unequal to watching Ted talks or listening tp YouTube or reading books. This hands on workshop of connection helps to ease the craving I feel for the deeper connections in a fun filled couple of hours and gives me lots of things to take away for further reflection."


"Being there was amazing! Hearing other people's stories and finally realizing I'm not alone, gave me that sense of connection I was seeking.
I had never done anything like that and I was afraid I was gonna be too scared to share, but your guidance made everything smooth."


"I had a lot of fun, even some of the 'awkward' moments were fun and telling. I learned a lot about myself, and what I am searching for. "


"I felt very comfortable and felt like there were wonderful exchanges. I hope to attend this again. It was great to meet and talk to people in a non threatening place without alcohol involved."


"The was great! With your guidance, we were able to connect easily."


"It pushes you out of your comfort zone, keeps you sharp and teaches you how to be present to yourself and others.”

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