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Find your sense of belonging.

Our Women's Heart Circles give you the opportunity to have a team in your life. A group of people who hear you, see you, know you, and get your world - people you get to connect with on a regular basis. And of course, all facilitated by us -- making it easy to start the relationships without any awkward silence or small talk.

Come foster a bond with a devoted group of peers as we explore deepening connections.

In this experience you’ll get:

...a felt sense of deep connection in your life

...greater capacity for empathy

…listening & communication skills

…a crew of women who hear you, see you, and welcome what’s true for you


And once you have this experience, you can recreate it in your life. Because you’ll have a deeper capacity to hold and nourish relationships.

Come feel, practice, and be part of deep connection.

Local Women's Heart Circles


Who is this for?


Adult women who...

  • Value learning and growing as a person

  • Value kindness, compassion, and empathy

  • Take responsibility for their own words, actions, and feelings

  • Want to commit to meeting regularly (twice monthly)

  • Are local to Philadelphia & surrounding suburbs

This will not be a good fit for you if...

  • you only want to connect with people of certain demographics (ages, backgrounds, etc).

  • your schedule prevents you to committing to meeting regularly sessions

  • you are unable to self-regulate

Hear what past attendees are saying:

"[This group] gave a space for me to be able to relate to others in a deep and authentic manner in a relatively short time. I was surprised to go on a journey with strangers and to feel seen by them in various ways that I didn't expect to."

- Recent Participant

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

How it works:


Sign up now to share your availability and location preferences. We will contact you once a group forms.


Each group consist of 6-10 adult women of all ages and that same group will meet twice monthly (dates & times based on participant's availability).

​The first 7 sessions will be expertly facilitated connection experience using the tools of Authentic Relating.

After 7 sessions together, the group will continue connecting at the same frequency, format and location for as long as members wish to continue.

Our Women's Circles welcome adults identifying as women of all ages, ethnicities, and orientations.

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Join Us!

New local groups are forming now.


The times and dates will be chosen based on what works for the participants. Usually weekday evenings from 7-9pm or 7:30-9:30pm or weekends (various times).


We will meet in one of the homes of a local group member. If multiple members wish to host, we will rotate locations.


The investment to join is $140 (or three payments of $55) which covers the first 7 sessions which are facilitator-led.


After that, there is no cost to stay a part of the group which will continue to meet twice monthly as long as the members wish to continue.

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