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About Us


Founder & Facilitator

Rachel Whitworth

Rachel Whitworth considers herself a “connection catalyst”. That is, she has devoted her life to bringing people together and teaching them how to co-create more meaningful connection.

Rachel founded Let's Be Authentic, where she regularly leads connection-focused workshops and classes that have the purpose of making new friends in a more authentic way as well as to explore deeper platonic connection.

She received her Authentic Leadership training from The Connection Movement (NYC). She is also certified by The Connection Institute (Boston) in the Relational Inquiry Approach and a Certified Mediator by the Living Peace Institute (Philadelphia).

With a love of psychology and meditation along with a background in improv comedy, she brings a powerful mix of creativity, laughter and presence to her events.

"Rachel's energy is so welcoming, caring, authentic and enrolling."

-Dr. Kymn Harvin

"Rachel is an amazingly empathetic, present, and skillful facilitator"

-Nancy Li



Lael Rasch

Lael is a Life, Intimacy and Relationship Coach and Couples and Family Therapist. She is passionate about creating opportunities for individuals, couples and groups to explore, experience, and practice the art of conscious, sacred and mindful relating.


She is a lifelong learner, a devoted student and practitioner of holistic psychology, somatic, embodiment, non-violent communication, sacred sexuality, conscious movement, ecstatic dance, meditation, mindfulness, mind/body/spirit wellness, personal growth, yoga, buddhism, latin dance, tantra, spirituality and other conscious and sacred lifestyle practices.

"Lael is the goddess of compassion and empathy. She guides with wisdom, integrity and non-judgment.
Anyone who is fortunate enough to work with her will gain great strength."


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