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Community Standards

Last Updated: December 18, 2020

Positive Intent: "I am here with kindness, and assume you are as well."


We ask that you bring an intention of being kind in your interactions here. We also encourage you to make the assumption that others here with positive intent.

Honor Self/Honor Other: "I will take care of what I need and trust you'll do the same."


Honoring self is taking responsibility for knowing and setting your own boundaries and making requests of others to uphold those boundaries. Example: If there is a question that you don't feel comfortable answering, it's welcomed that you opt-out or only answer to the degree that feels aligned with your needs.

Honoring other is to respect the boundaries others have set for themselves. Example: If someone opts-out of answering a question, allowing for that without trying to coerce them to answer or shaming them for not answering.

Confidentiality: "I will not share what you tell me with others in any identifiable way."

I agree that what is shared between me and my Connection Friend will be kept confidential. After the interaction, I am welcome to talk about my own experience and will not share any identifiable information about others.

I also agree to not record or take screenshots during the video call.

Timely: "I will honor our scheduled time together and arrive on time."

Do everything in your power to arrive on time for your scheduled call. If you're running late, alert your partner ahead of time.

Responsive: "I will get back to your messages right away."


Please reply to your Connection Friend's correspondence within 24 hours. If something has changed and you are no longer available to connect, please let your Connection Friend and Let's Be Authentic know right away.

Follow Prompts: "I will follow the instructions on the videos."


Do your best to follow along the instruction prompts on the Connection Experience Videos. When the bell has rung, wrap up so you and your partner can have equal time.

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