How can we be meaningfully connected

when we can't physically be together?

We're pleased to offer several daily online connection opportunities!


Join us at no cost at all, or choose a donation subscription amount that feels good to you.

Donation subscriptions over $40 will also include a FREE membership to COnnect, the well established online Authentic Relating community.


Mini-Connection Sessions

(Weekdays at 10am & 5pm ET)

Get connected with the community on a daily basis! These will be facilitated sessions (approx 15-30 mins) where we'll each get a chance to share what's going on for us, in our inner world.

See and be seen with these powerful mini-connection sessions.

Weekly Connection Buddy

(At your Convenience)

Every week you'll be assigned a Connection Buddy (another random member of the Authentic Relating community).

You'll  be given an Authentic Relating activity/exercise to complete together online at a time that works for both of you.

Virtual Co-Working Sessions

(Weekdays at 2:30pm ET)

Wanting some connection and accountability in your workday? Login for these daily virtual co-working sessions! 


We'll start off by sharing what we'd like to accomplish for ourselves in the following 90 minutes. Then we'll get to work on our own, staying connected via video chat. At the end of the session, we'll share how we're feeling about what we accomplished.

Online Authentic Relating & Circling

(Various times - Daily)

Donation subscriptions over $40 also include a FREE membership to COnnect.


COnnect is an established Authentic Relating (and Circling) online-based community which hosts daily events online.

All week. Every week.

Check out their class schedule here

What is Circling?

Check out this brief video

Providing opportunities for more meaningful human connection in the Philadelphia area.

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