Authentic Friending

Make high-quality virtual connections with no small talk.


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Loneliness is REAL.

Making friends as an adult can be HARD.

Especially if you feel like you've outgrown or lost some of your friendships.

Bars are loud, dark and often lead to small talk.

Gyms don't lend themselves to getting to know others.

Where are we supposed to meet new friends?

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How it works

Choose a plan that works for you (1, 2, or 4 monthly connections)


With each connection, get paired with a new friend via email


Takes the guesswork out of what to say!


Choose a day/time that you are both available


Connect for a 30 min video chat to complete the connection exercise

Happy Friends
Come make real friends with
 no small talk
  no pressure
no expectations
...and without leaving your house!

If you dislike meaningless chitchat and find living at the surface boring, this is your new home!


Learn about yourself while having enjoyable interactions.


Connection Experience Videos make connecting easy. 👍

Our videos guide you through a connection activity step-by-step. They have been designed specifically to foster more meaningful connection, including various verbal prompts & listening exercises.

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It's fun! And I love having open and honest conversations.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who will I be paired with?

You will be paired with another active member of our community. Every pair is unique - that is, you won't be paired with the same person twice. That said, you're encouraged to connect with your partners more than once if you enjoyed connecting!

What if I'm on vacation or otherwise unavailable?

That's ok! You have the option of opting out anytime you're not available to connect. Simply let us know and we'll hold off on paring you.

Who can participate?

Adults of all ages, genders, occupations, ethnicities, orientations, and backgrounds are welcome to join. Because this program relies on using technology to connect, it is important that you're comfortable using email and video chat (e.g. Zoom, What'sApp, Facetime, etc).

What happens after we complete the exercise together?

After you complete the video exercise together, you will both be given the option to rate your experience connecting with one another. If you both would like to connect again, you'll be given a second exercise to complete together.

What if I don't like one of the Connection exercises?

As with any of our exercises, they are complete at-will. That means that you never have to share anything you don't feel comfortable sharing.

When will I receive my Connection Friend's info?

For every week you participate, you will receive your Connection Friend's info on Friday for connection the following week.

When do I do the exercise with my Connection Friend?

You and your Connection Friend communicate directly to pick a time & date to have your video chat.

What if our availability doesn't align?

While we encourage the video calls to be done within the following week, we realize that might not always be realistic. If you're unable to find a time that works for both of you within 3 weeks of being paired, we'll gladly find a new match for you.

Will I be paired with others in the LGBTQ+ community?

If you prefer, yes! After you subscribe, you will be asked a series of questions including your pairing preferences.

Can I pick my own Connection Friends?

We believe that connection comes in all shapes and sizes. We also believe there's something to be learned from everyone we connect with. For this reason, we have made the conscious choice to keep the pairing random. This means you will have an oppourtinity to connect with others of all ages (18+), genders, locations, etc.

Can I cancel my membership?

You can cancel your membership anytime. If you do decide to cancel, be sure to do so before your renewal date to avoid paying for time you don't intend on participating. We don't offer retroactive refunds.


It has rewired my way of relating to myself and others in a very transformative way.


Choose your friending plan:

2 Connections


Billed Monthly

Two monthly Connection Friends (1/biweekly)

Two connection experience videos

Cancel anytime

4 Connections


Billed Monthly

Four monthly Connection Friends (1/weekly)

Four connection experience videos

Cancel anytime

1 Connection


Billed Monthly

One monthly Connection Friend (1/month)

One connection experience video

Cancel anytime

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Connection Friends are distributed via email on Fridays for connections the following week.

It's a positive way to meet people and deeply connect.