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The relational way to fill your caseload.


Come Meet Your New Clients

There are gaps in your schedule that you want filled.

You've left your business cards at cafes and yoga studios around town...

You've created a profile on directories...

You've reached out to colleagues looking for referrals...

And now, you're sitting around waiting for clients to find you.

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Phone Call
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They don't teach you marketing in grad school.

And besides: you went to school to be a therapist, not a marketer!

So how do you find clients... how do you find your ideal clients?




Masterfully led virtual events designed to connect you with clients who are actively seeking therapy.

Your ideal clients are looking for you.

Therapist and Patient

At our events, you will be introduced to several potential clients in a structured and relational way. You'll have an opportunity to speak about who you are as a practitioner.


You’ll also be added to our directory which is shared with perspective clients so they can follow up if they feel a fit.

Attendees are actively seeking a new mental health care professional and want to hear more about your practice.

Join Our Unique Events

Meet Ideal Clients

Attendees are ready to commit to the therapeutic process.

Fill Your Schedule

Introduce your practice to up to 50 prospective clients.

Build a Referral Base

Connect with other clinicians and expand your network.

Keep It Relational

Get back to the heart of why you got into this field: healing through connection.

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Attentive Therapist


Reserve your seat in our upcoming events.

All sales are final.

Sunday, April 2, 2023 - 2pm ET

Interested, but not available for these dates?

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  • What is Authentic Relating?
    Authentic Relating (AR) is a powerful practice that utilizes carefully designed activities to promote more meaningful connection and deeper understanding of one another. We have handpicked activities from the AR practice that we feel are ideal for a first-time encounter with potential partners. We do offer Authentic Relating in platonic environments, too. There, participants can explore deeper connections without the romantic intention (That said, we have had folks meet their partners at those events, too!).
  • What should I wear to an event?
    We recommend the same attire you would wear to a casual first date. Choose something in which you can comfortably stand and move while wearing. Use the same grooming and hygiene that you would for a first date. We request no strong scents be used. Please note: depending on the venue, we may ask you to remove your shoes.
  • How many people will be at each event?
    Our events typically have between 15-40 participants. We do our best to keep our heterosexual events gender balanced.
  • Do I have to be single to attend?
    No, but you do have to be available for dating (i.e. if you are currently in a monogamous relationship, we don't feel it would be appropriate for you to attend).
  • My age is covered in 2 different events, which should I attend?"
    Our honest suggestion is: both! Each event will have a different batch of singles to meet, connect with and potentially match with - this increases your odds of finding someone who you're interested in persuing romantically. If you only want to attend one, we recommend chosing the age range that more accurately captures your ideal partner.
  • Is this speed dating?
    Our events differ greatly from speed dating because during your time with other participants, you'll be guided through Authentic Relating activities that have been designed to help you skip awkward small talk and jump right to having a more connected interaction. The parts that are similar to speed dating are that you will be meeting & connecting with several people at one event and you will only be given contact information of the people with whom you mutually match.
  • What kind of activities will we be doing?
    The activities will include a variety of things such as verbal sharing prompts, inner reflection, light movement/stretching and platonic touch (e.g. holding hands). You are invited to participate in as much or as little as feels comfortable.
  • What if I don't want to do an activity?
    Everything we do here is completely voluntary. We expect that you to honor yourself by either modifying an activity or opting out completely depending on what feels comfortable to you and others you are interacting with.
  • What is your refund/cancellation policy?
    We offer full refunds up to 7 days before the event. **Tickets are not transferable. Please do not sell/give your ticket to someone else as it will create issues with matching. **
  • Do you offer events for all ages/sexual orientations?
    Yes! We offer events for various age groupings and sexual orientations. If you don't see an event that suits you listed, please use our Contact Us form to let us know you're interested!
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