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Therapy Session

Get Support Whenever You Need it.

This is a space for you to feel seen and heard... on the go!

Whether you are having a tough day, needing an empathetic ear, or want to get something "off your chest", Support Sessions are a safe & confidential space for you to express whatever is going on in your world.

You share, we listen.

🗣️ 👂 ❤️


You'll have a private and secure space to verbally share whatever is on your mind & heart anytime. Our listeners will share reflections, impact, curiosities, and anything they noticed in your share. Don't want to receive a reflection? Just let us know. The space is yours!

Support Sessions

Attention from a skilled & compassionate listener

Try it free!

Schedule a free session. It's also a great opportunity to ask any questions you might have.

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Meet Your Listener

"There is no greater gift someone can give me, than to be present to my experience and meet it with empathy, validation and compassion.

It is for this reason, it is an honor to be able to offer this very thing to others.

When we are hurting, angry, lonely, elated, inspired, etc... it's nice to be witnessed. It is my belief that each of us hold the wisdom that we need to navigate life. With the support of people by our side, we are unstoppable.

I look forward to walking along side you in your journey."


Rachel Whitworth


What People Are Saying

"Rachel is one of the very best listeners I've ever experienced.  


Connecting with her puts me deeper in touch with myself, my dreams, and life itself.  Gnarly problems often seem to un-knot and solutions become more readily apparent just by us communicating.


Treat yourself to time with Rachel... your heart, mind, body and spirit will thank you!"

- Dr. Kymn Harvin, PhD


"Having these sessions regularly has been invaluable, particularly while coping with life changes and feelings of isolation during the pandemic.


Rachel is an incredible listener. She is warm, generous, and non-judgemental.  She creates a safe space to explore whatever is coming up for me. 


Her feedback consistently validates my experience and helps me find clarity as I explore my thoughts, emotions, and experiences."

- Rebekah Eberhart, M.S. Student


"Rachel is an excellent listener.


She is caring and supportive in her approach and mirrors back what I've shared that has me feeling truly heard and understood."

- Julie Morrison, Teacher & Coach


Please note: these sessions are not therapy or a replacement for therapy.

If you are in crisis, contact 1-800-273-8255 (National Suicide Lifeline)

or talk to a therapist or mental health professional.

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