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What is Authentic Relating?

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Our Virtual Events

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Mini-Connection Sessions

(Weekdays at 10am & 5pm ET)

Get connected with the community on a daily basis! These will be facilitated sessions (approx 15-30 mins) where we'll each get a chance to share what's going on for us, in our inner world.

See and be seen with these powerful mini-connection sessions.

Weekly Connection Buddy

(At your Convenience)

Every week you'll be assigned a Connection Buddy (another random member of the Authentic Relating community).

You'll  be given an Authentic Relating activity/exercise to complete together online at a time that works for both of you.

Online Authentic Relating Event

Sunday, July 26th at 4pm EDT

We will guide you through a powerful collection of creative practices/exercises that were specifically designed to awaken self-awareness and foster a greater understanding of, and deeper connection with one another.

Come play, be inspired, make new friends, and discover how nourishing it can be to share virtual space and connection with other conscious humans.

4-Week Series

Connection Group

(Various Day Options)

If one-off Authentic Relating events have left you craving more, Connection Mini-Group will offer a wonderful opportunity to foster a bond with a devoted group of peers as we explore deepening connections.

This virtual group will be capped at 6 participants. Each session will be a facilitated connection experience using the tools of Authentic Relating.

Or, get free access

Or, get free access

Wanting more connection?

Check out Authentic Relating & Circling on COnnect.


COnnect is an established online-based community which hosts daily events online. All week. Every week.


($39/mo after that - cancel any time)

COnnect Class Schedule:

As named in TIME Magazine

"[Authentic relating] is a great way to replace the very superficial rhythm of everyday life with something far more fulfilling and genuine."

-H. Muralidhar (Attendee)

Learn to Circle

Online Circling Training offers a rich library of educational content and live online classes all focused around learning how to Circle and facilitate Circles. Check out our video: What is Circling?


($45/mo after that - cancel any time)

Online Circling Training Class Schedule:

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