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I think many of us are holding A LOT right now...

On top of our own lives with day-to-day worries and stresses, there are a lot of emotionally charging happenings swirling around us, too. This year is challenging us, to say the very least. I am a firm believer that connection is a source for recharge. I believe that by practicing being with one another through smiles, tears, and fears (to name a few) - we strengthen our ability to prevail. Connection is a fundamental need.

And while we can't be WITH one another physically the way we once could, it's even more important that we show up for one another in whatever ways we can. Come connect.... come "walk" alongside other beautiful humans as we co-create spaces for intentional connection.

Be heard. Be seen. Feel connected.

I look forward to connecting with you. Warmly, Rachel ❤️🙏


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