One country, many feelings

Although who won the presidential election in America felt blurry for a while, what it clarified for me, is how divided the country really is.

With the election officially called, we are undoubtedly left with one candidate and nearly half the country in a state of grief.

Maybe they’re feeling…

Sadness of not getting what they wanted.

Fear of the choices made by the person in office.

Anger about the other half of the country not being on the same page.

And what about the other voters? Perhaps they are in a place of joy about the results.

Maybe they’re feeling...

Happy that their candidate won.

Celebratory that things may change in ways that they want.

Relieved that the person scheduled to be in office, has aligned interests.

Let me ask you...

How do you feel about the election results?

And how would you have felt if the results had gone the other way?

Seriously, take a minute to reflect on that. I’ll wait. 🙂


The reason I think this is important, is because it gives us an opportunity to not only get in touch with how we are feeling, but it also gives us a sense of what feelings others may have.

It gives us a moment to empathize.

And when we look at how the country voted, we can see there are a LOT of people potentially feeling very polarizing things right now. I think this has the power to further our country’s divide, if not handled with care.

So how do we bridge this gap? How do we heal this divide?

We heal it by coming back to what is the common thread among both sides. The thing that is true whether someone voted for Trump, Biden, or Kayne West.

We are human.

A complex combination of feelings… beliefs…. wants…. people we love… past hurts… motivations… things that leave us feeling safe… and unsafe.